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[pkg-wine-party] Bug#758291: Bug#758291: Bug#758291: Complete solution for update-alternatives

Hi Mike,

I'd be happy to make a new patch for Wine alternatives for the files in
/usr/bin and the manpages (basically just using my last version I posted
in this bugreport). So:

I'd do this separately for the packaging of wine (stable, currently in
branch jessie) and wine-development. So there would be no need to merge
the -development packaging into the stable packaging.

Also no package name would be changed.

But obviously the wine (stable) binary names would need a suffix
"-stable", so that the unsuffixed name is available as alternative for
both wine versions.

I'd add a new variable DEBSUFFIX which is "-stable" for an empty
VERSION, and the same as VERSION otherwise.

I'd replace any hardcoded "-development" with DEBSUFFIX (or VERSION if
appropriate) in order to make the packaging future proof for a merged
stable/development packaging.

Then I'd backport the "suffix-patches" in d/patches/development/ to wine

I'd also add the correct breaks/replaces.

Finally I'd propose to commit these changes to "master" and a new
"stretch-wine1.6" branch.

Please let me know if this sounds good to you and whether I should start
working on this again.


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