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[pkg-wine-party] Bug#792486: Windows applications (.exe) not launchable from Caja/Nautilus/etc.

Package: wine-bin
Severity: important
Version: 1.6.2-22

Dear wine maintainers,

I am currently trying to deploy Wine on Linux systems at a school, but miss the wine.desktop file (at files around it). In debian/changelog a removal of the wine.desktop file is not mentioned.

Without that file, it is not possible to execute .exe files with Wine via the context menu (right-click on the .exe file) in common file browsers (Caja, Nautilus et al.).

As a workaround, I now provided these files as found (and slightly modified) in the wine-bin Debian squeeze package:


Can you explain, why the desktop integration has vanished from the Wine packages in Debian? If there is no good explanation, then I'd highly appreciate this getting fixed soon. Please also fix the issue in Debian jessie. THANKS!

Or am I missing something???

If any help is needed, please let me know.



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