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[pkg-wine-party] Wanted: Wine 1.7.1 packaging

Any chance of wine-unstable 1.7.1 packaging?   I've heard about that D3D
command-stream patchset that improves the performance of a lot of games
by 200% or more and I'm really looking to try it out.

On a side note, I've successfully backported wine-unstable 1.5.30-2
that's currently in unstable to Wheezy amd64. It was as easy as dch
--bpo and compile.   That fixed a problem I had with wine 1.4.1 and Blizzard's
Battle.NET online installer failing to download/patch/install Starcraft
II over the Internet.

I'm now running Starcraft II, which I bought online and downloaded
through Battle.NET on Wheezy with wine-unstable. 

It's running great so I thought it would be a great candidate for an
official backport of wine-unstable 1.5.30-2, but it looks like there are
some RC bugs against it that block it from going into the Debian testing?

I tried following the instructions on packaging a new version of
wine for Debian, but I found that /debian/maint/import doesn't recognize
the 1.7.x versions of wine. I edited /debian/maint/import to recognize
it as a wine-unstable package, and then everything seemed to go well... 
but then I got a bunch of conflicts. I tried to resolve them myself by
manually merging some patches in but I then ended up with something that 
wouldn't compile .


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