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Re: [pkg-wine-party] Bug#585409: wine 1.2/1.3 on Debian: what's the blocker?

* Antoine Beaupré:

> It seems we are still without 1.2 in Debian. While I understand this
> is a difficult project, after reading through the history of this bug
> here, it seems to me that the package *may* ready to be uploaded...

A few weeks ago, I took Ove's 1.1.35-1 package that I found at
<git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-wine/wine.git> and tried to build 1.2.3
with it. Very few fixes were needed and there is only a small number of
issues that probably can be fixed in the packaging scripts.

In my opinion, it would be best for users to get a package called "wine"
(not "wine-$version") into unstable as soon as possible. I can't imagine
that users are interested in packages of upstream's snapshot releases
from 2 years ago.

> So what's the blocker here? Stephen - do you need a sponsor for this
> package?

Since there are a few people who have been able to build their own
packages, perhaps it is time to turn packaging of Wine in Debian into a
real team effort.


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