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Re: [pkg-wine-party] Helping with manpages

Am Mittwoch, den 24.12.2008, 21:40 +0100 schrieb Ove Kaaven:
> Julian Aloofi skrev:
> > As I wrote some days ago to the BTS help request I would like to help with 
> > writing manpages. I think I gonna start with the »Notepad« manpage. I will 
> > post my manpage to this mailing list when I finished writing it, which may 
> > take some days because of the holidays. I'm looking forward to join your 
> > team.
> Thanks for the offer, but I think someone already contributed some man
> pages, including that one (they're attached to the bug reports, though
> nobody seems to have tagged the bugs accordingly - and perhaps they
> should also be submitted upstream). Just that no "official" Debian
> packages have been released with that yet... we're not an active bunch
> right now, I guess.

Ok, I took a closer look and saw it too.
Happy Holidays! :)

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