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Re: Hosting the Debian/kCygwin port?

Sjors Gielen, le Wed 04 Jan 2012 20:48:11 +0100, a écrit :
> Shortly after that e-mail, I concluded that running Debian within Cygwin
> is not possible, as it was impossible to update the system while it was
> running. This is because on Windows, removing an in-memory shared
> library file then writing a new one with new contents, would somehow
> have an effect on running applications, causing crashes because of
> addressing problems. (In other operating systems, the old file stays
> around on the disk while it is in use, and is only removed when the last
> user closes it.)

Mmm, IIRC cygwin has now fixed this issue for its own uses (e.g.
cygwin1.dll), saying something like "new cygwin will be effective at


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