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Re: Hosting the Debian/kCygwin port?


Thanks for all your answers!

Carsten Hey wrote:
On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 11:14:24AM +0100, Samuel Thibault wrote:
So maybe debian-win32 could just be awaken since the barring issue
seems gone?

This is what I would try first. I hope you are successful with this.


I was using Cygwin 1.5 when I started working on this. I indeed noticed that in Cygwin CVS this has been fixed already.

Carsten Hey wrote:
> debian-cygwin.sf.net is a Debian GNU/w32 port and I see no reason to
> remove the project page on Sourceforge. Although there are no
> releases, there has been some work done (see
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-win32/)
> and this site should IMHO at least reside for historical reasons.
> Maybe there is a chance to reanimate this project or at least reuse
> some of the work that has been done or concepts that have been
> developed.

I started with the idea when I noticed this project. It had been dead for a few years, and I liked the idea and looked into it. I had some contact with the original admin. He added me to the project, created an SVN repository on my request, but refused to make me an admin, which is needed to i.e. modify the project web frontend. When I filed a project takeover, the admin removed my SVN commit access. Everything currently in SVN is mine (and that's not much, but I've got a lot more waiting here, until I can commit it somewhere.) CVS only contains the same old dpkg sources twice, and some binary builds.

I'm still waiting for the admin to either accept or reject the project takeover request. I don't have a lot of hope there, he seems to be working against me.

I also e-mailed the debian-ports admin, and he said the same as you: there needs to be a base system before it can be hosted there. Base system means gcc, g++, dpkg-dev, etc.

For now, I will keep working on the project locally, until I can host everything I have now at Sourceforge. Once I have a base system going, I'll e-mail the debian-ports admin again.

Again, thanks for your replies!

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