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CALL FOR HELP : Porting to windows from Debian GNU/Linux Mingw32, status report http://introspector.sourceforge.net/dia_win32.htm

Dear All,

I have been continuing my work and planning for the re-porting of GTK
to windows via the dpkg system.

Currently we have %90 of the packages of GTK ported to windows and
available on our package server. I am still fighting with gdk/gtk+
right now, but there has been alot of work done and it is ready for
testing and helping.

I hereby formally request support from the debian community in helping
with this project. 
In particular, i would like to have :

1. A debian sponsor for myself personally. Based on the new development
of the dpkg for cross compiling, you can see that I am trully
interested in supporting debian.

2. A package repository pool to upload the packages to. Currently I am
using dupload to my sf.net site. This uses about 100mb currently. 
I have not installed katjie yet, and to be honest it is a bit much to
set up.

3. Changes to the dpkg port for cygwin that handles to permissions
properly. Currently I cannot install the debs under cygwin because of

4. I would like to suggest that we use the GTK port for win32 to build
a graphical installer based on GTK and the debian-installer. This would
allow a windows user to select, download and install packages under

5. Advice for the creation of of derived packages. Currently I have
been morphing the standard packages to build via the cross compiler.
What we need is to have the ability to compile in three different modes

1. Under cygwin using the autotools
2. Under GNU/Linux using the cross compiler testing with WINE
3. Under GNU/Linux for GNU linux
I would like to be able to prepare my changes so that it is possible to

build any one of them from the same set of debs. 

I have been prototyping that by having multiple deb directories each
with thier own set of rules. 

6. We are looking for developers
the win32 mailling list is here : If anyone is interested in helping,
please do. 

7. We need to build a package repository that is apt-gettable,
as I said, currently we are using dupload.

8. The debian method of repacking sources is great, but there have been
some negative comments from the GTK developers about having another
distribution. This distribution based on dpkg offers a painless way to
build cross compiled packages. I would like to hear from anyone who
supports this, and would like to speak out.

Is anyone interested in this work, and can anyone point out the right
direction for me? 



James Michael DuPont

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