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Re: posix on nt/2k/xp

--- Mourad De Clerck <mourad@co-defy.com> wrote:
> I bumped into this by accident, and thought it could be useful:
> http://winntposix.sourceforge.net/
> (it seems more performant then f.e. http://pw32.sourceforge.net/)
> I read the plan was to reuse the cygwin installer: wouldn't it be
> better 
> to reuse debian-installer instead of trying to reuse a completely
> alien 
> tool? Cygwin's installer does a lot of work for retrieving and 
> dependency resolution that may not necessarily map very well to what 
> dpkg/apt-get does. And debian-installer is supposed to be very
> modular.

Thanks for the tip Mourad.
I have been looking at dpkg for cygwin, and it is still not usable for
installing debs created under the mingw32 cross compiler.
you can try some of the debs here introspector.sf.net/debian/incoming
there are lots of cross compiled debs, try treecc for example or any
that have mingw32 in the name.
I would love to have the installer, and the guys from pnet/dotgnu are
also interested in getting some installer running, personally, i feel
that it should be able to install a deb for win32 directly without any
extra information.


James Michael DuPont

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