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Re: file can not be access by outside link

On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 07:38:20AM -0700, eric wrote:
> Dear Len:
>   Thanks your point out, I succesfully enter that directory
>  very important question inspire this question
> is how to let othersite access my file in my computer.
> I use apache 1.3.7 
>  for expamle, <src img=http://www.mycompany.com/computer1.jpg
> >
> I put that computer1 in C:\apache\
> in C:\apachehtdocs\  in my window XP
>  it turn out are all dead (no picture only red cross x)
> should I modify httpd.conf
> I comment out(#) all .htaccess line or directory
> still not help
> Please help on this, highly apprecaite your time and effort

Ehm, well if the images are in the sme dir as the html then just <src
img=computer1.jpg>  might work.  I can't actually remember if you need
http://computer1.jpg when doing relative urls.  Anyhow, make sure that
whatever dir the images are in is the one that the root of the web site
is at, and make sure the images are readable by the user the web server
runs as.

I haven't evern run apache on windows.  There really seems no point.

Len Sorensen

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