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Re: Usage of dpkg under cygwin

> > Making a custom version of tar that allowed anyone to do it 
> > would be a silly hack. Fakeroot is not a silly hack. Read the man
> page.
> Alright, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call fakeroot a silly hack.
> Fakeroot
> _is_ a hack, in the positive sense, but it's not silly - it's damn
> cool. It
> allows you to bypass unnecessary restrictions in applications that
> falsely
> believe they have to be root to function properly. However, using
> this tool
> regularly for a standard operation instead of fixing the offending
> application - that is what I find .. odd. A tar patch would be more
> stable
> _and_ portable.

I agree.

To be honest, I have been thinking about this, yes a patch to tar is 
what I would support as well. Call it "disttar" make it force the
permissions to be what they should while unpacking and packing.

This would really make sense.

James Michael DuPont

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