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Usage of dpkg under cygwin

Hello all,

I have reports that the debian packages build under the mingw32 cross
compiler under debian according to my instructions.

Now I am trying to build the same packages under cygwin.
I have encountered the following hurdles :

1. debhelper was not part of the cygwin packages,
but dpkg was. I have downloaded and installed the deb file.

2. perl was not found, I had to add this to the perl path:
export PERL5LIB=/usr/share/perl5

3. what is the need for root access? I commented out the 
code in dh_testroot: 
   #error("You must run this as root (or use fakeroot).");

4. I had hardcoded the configure for host 
./configure   --host=i586-mingw32msvc  --target=i586-mingw32msvc
this will have to be determined from variables.

I would use this, but I still need some advice on the
but will be looking into the dpkg-cross tools.

#DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE   ?= $(shell dpkg-architecture -ai586-mingw32msvc
#DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE  ?= $(shell dpkg-architecture -ai586-mingw32msvc

5. How can we target the mingw32 runtime as opposed to the cygwin

Other than that, I am really happy about the dpkg under win32 using
cygwin. I will be doing my best to be able to use the debian packages I
am creating so that they can compile under windows or debian, for
targeting cygwin or mingw runtimes.


James Michael DuPont

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