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Call for direction in the packaging of windows packages inside of debian and the running under wine.

Dear Fellow Hackers,

I have been working on getting a easy to compile tool chain for
creating windows packages from inside of debian going. Based on the
great job from ron (mingw32) and others, I have created some debs that
are for win32. 

I have been packaged libicon, am repackaging gettext and will be doing
glib, gtk and others next.

Now, I would like to install these and run them under wine, and also
manage the dependancies between them using dpkg. Do I have to rename
the package from eg : gettext to gettext-mingw32? Or use some
dpkg-divert mechanism? Currently I am attempting a rename.

Please advice on the proper setup of the toolchain and excuse the
shotgun email. I am writing to you all because I cannot seem to find
the right place to put this question.

Oh, and thanks for debian, it is great!


James Michael DuPont

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