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Re: How far are we?

On Sat, 2002-07-27 at 01:15, Jean-Michel POURE wrote:
> Le Lundi 22 Juillet 2002 06:34, Junichi Uekawa a écrit :
> > I've got an impression that someone is vigorously patching up dpkg for
> > cygwin port.

That someone is me. I've packaged up dpkg 'cause it is a very useful
tool. It's not integrated with the cygwin setup.exe program at all at
this point, and still needs work: Someone needs to make it text vs
binary file aware for instance. Contributors are welcome (just send me
patches against a patched -src tarball available via cygwin's

> dpkg has been released as a Cygwin package. Maybe we could build a graphical 
> installer that would look like kpackage for example, with the ability to view 
> dependencies and available packages. Is this a dream?

*sigh*. It's not a dream. www.cygwin.com/setup.exe or
sources.redhat.com/cygwin-apps/setup.html. GPL'd. GUI. Dependencies.
Available packages, Hierarchical categories. Etc. It's focus is on
installing cygwin, which may or may not jibe with your goals here. As
usual, patches gratefully accepted, as long as they don't conflict with
it's primary goal.

But hey, enjoy reinventing the wheel if you want to :}.


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