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Re: name for the port

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Mark Paulus wrote:
> Ok, except for one small problem/issue.  The versions of 
> apt and dpkg that I am building are NOT native wintel apps.
> They are being porting with/to the cygwin environment, and 
> as such, will NOT run if cygwin is not installed.  
In that case, you need to explicitly mark that dependency in apt and
dpkg's debian/control files, and install cygwin in our installer (or tell
the user to, like we do now, before we make an installer).

This gives us several advantages:
1) Apt can upgrade cygwin correctly when new versions of it come out.
2) We don't have hidden dependincies that aren't noted in our packaging

AFAICS, the situation is completly analogous to dpkg's dependency on libc.

	-=- James Mastros
"In the case of alchemy v chemistry the chemists know whether it will
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anyway)."	-=- Alan Cox

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