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cgi-bin, .html, .pl etc in URIs


I'd like to draw the list's attention to Tim Berners-Lee's article "Cool URIs don't change": http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI (which I'm sure many people will already have read).

In particular, this article argues against the use of implementation-related artifacts appearing in URIs, such as /cgi-bin/, .html, .pl, .php etc. These are all things that only occur because something is dynamic rather than static, or currently implemented using one particular language. A change in implementation should not lead to a change in interface (i.e. the URI).

With this in mind, it would be nice if the webapps policy also pushed applications in the direction of conforming with this principle (one major step would be not to default to http://server/cgi-bin/... for scripts), or at the very least made it easy for packages that want to conform with it to do so. Working out a good mechanism for setting up Apache aliases to do the right thing (perhaps using an appropriate dh_ or install-time script) would be one way to do this.



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