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Re: Configuration of buildd_amd64-x86-grnet-01 for buster-security

Hi Moritz,

On 06.07.21 12:16, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
Hi buildd team,
a while ago the security buildds were configured so that a
source only upload with amd64.buildinfo got renamed to IIRC
a +buildd suffix. Don't remember the final details, but it
successfully avoided problems with source uploads for quite
a while now.

It seems however that buildd_amd64-x86-grnet-01 isn't configured
with that setting since the php7.3_7.3.29-1~deb10u1_amd64 upload
by Ondrej exposed the issue again.

Could you have a look and sorry for the vague problem description,
it worked so well, that I've been getting blurry on the scope of
the original problem :-)

You're spot on. That buildd runs different software. Ivo has patched it in [1] but did not include a default suffix. As the idea of that software was to include the default configuration for debian.org buildds, I'd say that we should add it like in [2] and then go and actually update the buildds. I have done so in [3] and have updated the source tree on all three buildds that run it. They should restart after the next build and have the new configuration.

Sorry about that. :)

Kind regards and thanks
Philipp Kern

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/wb-team/pybuildd/-/commit/04bc6be4050c49b6f6febcbcd2012dcb62de0fb5 [2] https://salsa.debian.org/dsa-team/mirror/dsa-puppet/-/commit/8b2306b438ac5c94da2843e05daa66719cd9ffc7 [3] https://salsa.debian.org/wb-team/pybuildd/-/commit/24a00f158d140092eb7b931f6ea8fec109618ae2

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