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Fwd: buildd host x86-conova-01 - connections to localhost during build?

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Part of the test suite for src:gromacs launches a MPI process that
connects to localhost.  On the recently (?) added buildd x86-conova-01
*only*, this fails:

2: Test command: /usr/bin/mpiexec.mpich "-np" "2" "-host" "localhost" "/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/build/mpich/bin/testutils-mpi-test" "--gtest_output=xml:/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/build/mpich/Testing/Temporary/TestUtilsMpiUnitTests.xml"
2: MPID_nem_tcp_init(373).............: gethostbyname failed, localhost (errno 0)

This test passes on the other amd64 buildd hosts and the hosts for other
architectures.  The build logs don't narrow down the exact problem any
further than that.  Can x86-conova-01 please be configured similarly to
the other hosts in this regard, or alternatively, can gromacs be
blacklisted on it?

I anticipate the same would happen on an i386 build, but it hasn't come
up yet.


Nicholas Breen

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