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Re: broken HTML on pgstatus

Philipp Kern dixit:

>So XY problem again. What you're actually looking for is a
>machine-readable version of the data.

No, I download logs, so the a tag from the site and a bit of
xmlstarlet to extract them per architecture is just fine.
Plus it can be debugged in lynx.

Please don’t invent any fancy APIs on my account. Just keep
it simple, valid XHTML/1.0 (or 1.1) with spaces before /> for
HTML compatibility, so it’s correct in most browsers, most
importantly lynx, and xmlstarlet.

„Cool, /usr/share/doc/mksh/examples/uhr.gz ist ja ein Grund,
mksh auf jedem System zu installieren.“
	-- XTaran auf der OpenRheinRuhr, ganz begeistert
(EN: “[…]uhr.gz is a reason to install mksh on every system.”)

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