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Give-backs for stretch-backports

# arnold seems to have had some problem uploading in May 2019
gb rcpp_1.0.0-1~bpo9+1 . armel armhf . stretch-backports
gb r-cran-spatstat.utils_1.13-0-1~bpo9+1 . armel armhf . stretch-backports
gb lme4_1.1-20-3~bpo9+1 . armel . stretch-backports
gb r-cran-stringi_1.2.4-2~bpo9+1 . armhf . stretch-backports
# something went wrong with this upload in October 2017
gb gir-to-d_0.12.2-1~bpo9+1 . ppc64el . stretch-backports

Thanks in advance

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