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Re: golang-1.12-go: Go builds failing on mips64el


On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 04:35:35AM +0800, Drew Parsons wrote:
> Package: golang-1.12-go
> All builds fail on mip64el. mipsel is also intermittently affected,
> but a giveback gets a successful build. The mipsel pattern suggests
> that builds fail on mipsel-manda-03, while succeeding on eberlin and
> mipsel-aql-01.

For the record the following packages are now affected and I would
appreciate if builds could be scheduled on the "good" buildds (eberlin
or mipsel-aql-01) or atleast that give-backs are made once this issue
is eventually resolved.

golang-github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact	[mipsel]
mender-client					[mips64el]
mender-cli					[mips64el mipsel]

Andreas Henriksson

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