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armhf build of 4 packages stuck in "Built" state on armel-arnold


As of this writing, the armhf build of 4 packages (nvidia-settings,
acpica-unix, fgetty, r-cran-rcpparmadillo) built on buildd
armel-arnold have been stuck in "Built" state, i.e. not uploaded, for
over 11 or 12 days, according to the following URLs:




I noticed this because the armhf build of hugo (0.55.5-1) was also
stuck about 12 days ago until my upload of a new upstream version

Please check arnold.debian.org and see if the 4 armhf built packages
stuck there could be uploaded and installed.  If not, perhaps the
following give-backs would help:

    gb nvidia-settings_418.74-1 . armhf
    gb acpica-unix_20190509-1 . armhf
    gb fgetty_0.7-6 . armhf
    gb r-cran-rcpparmadillo_0.9.400.3.0-1 . armhf

Many thanks!

Anthony Fok

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