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Re: Please rerun the gsoap transition for kfreebsd-amd64/kfreebsd-i386

On 09/05/18 09:19, Mattias Ellert wrote:
> Hi!
> I few months back the buildds for kfreebsd-amd64/kfreebsd-i386 were not
> building packages for several weeks. During this time there was a
> transition due to a soname bump in gsoap.
> When the kfreebsd-amd64/kfreebsd-i386 buildds started building packages
> again and started to catch up, packages were built in random order not
> taking into account the need to build some packages before others due
> to the transition.
> Please binNMU on kfreebsd-amd64/kfreebsd-i386 the packages that were
> built out of order on those architectures:
> - cgsi-gsoap
> - lcgdm
> - voms


BTW binNMU requests should be filed as a nmu bug against release.debian.org.


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