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Re: dep-wait to fix nqp ftbs on big-endian machines


On 16/03/18 08:07, Dominique Dumont wrote:
> Hello
> The moarvm package package has a bug which triggered FTBS
>  for package nqp on big-endian machine.
> I've applied a patch from upstream to moarvm and  tested that 
> nqp builds fine on mips. I'd like to trigger a rebuild on big endian systems.
> There's a small chance that tests failure on armhf and mips64el are 
> also fixed by this patch so I'd like to try a rebuild there as well.
> rakudo should use the newly built nqp, hence the dep-wait. Please check 
> that the version number I gave is correct in the dep-wait is correct (I'm not
> sure about the '+b1' part...)

The +b1 part isn't needed in this case - there are no binNMUs here.

> All the best
> dw nqp_2018.02+dfsg-1 . armhf mips mips64el s390x powerpc ppc64 . -m 'moarvm (>= 2018.02+dfsg-2)'

Done this one.

> dw rakudo_2018.02.1-2 . armhf mips mips64el s390x powerpc ppc64 . -m 'nqp (>= nqp_2018.02+dfsg-1+b1)'

rakudo 2018.02.1-2 already build depends on nqp >= 2018.02 so I don't
think this is needed (it will build automatically once nqp is built).


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