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Re: guile-2.2: rebuild request for ppc64el (and perhaps i386)

Hi Rob,

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 12:07:36AM -0600, Rob Browning wrote:
> Rob Browning <rlb@defaultvalue.org> writes:
> > I believe I was able to reproduce the test failure on plummer a couple
> > of weeks ago, but now in a new sid chroot, I can't.  I'm wondering if
> > this may have been resolved by build-dep updates.
> >
> > gb guile-2.2_2.2.3+1-1 . ppc4el i386
> Oops, typo:
>   gb guile-2.2_2.2.3+1-1 . ppc64el i386

I gave back on ppc64el, but it was not able to compile due to
BD-Uninstallable. The buildd dependencies list shows:

 Installability of build dependencies not tested yet

Any idea what does it mean?


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