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Re: give-back pypy on {armel,mips,mips64el,ppc64,sh4} (timeouts)

Hi Héctor (2017.11.28_11:56:09_+0200)

Thank you for getting that done.

> It would be even better if you could tweak the tests making sure there
> is some output coming out before 150 min

Yes, of course. Unfortunately, this isn't tests, it's the translation
system, and I'm not entirely sure where to add more dot() calls to
improve this. It's something I must talk to upstream about.

We're probably exhausting RAM and thrashing a bit, towards the end of
the build, where I think we're currently a little light on dot() calls.
I need to learn more about that part of the system to be able to
contribute a patch...


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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