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Re: [pkg-go] Bug#852959: prometheus FTBFS on armhf: github.com/prometheus/prometheus/storage/local fails

On 28/01/17 16:10, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> AFAIK the buildds are building one package at a time,

Uhm, don't know about that, but I many times I have experienced test
failures which are somehow timing-related on some buildds, failures I
can only reproduce with very high CPU contention.

> and the machines where prometheus failed have 4 GB RAM.

abel too...

> "2680815616 in use", that is 2.6 GB.
> You have only 3 GB address space in userspace,
> and I'd guess that is the limit you hit.


> Is this test expected to use huge amounts of memory?

I will re-run the tests with /usr/bin/time on abel and see how much
memory do they take.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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