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Various give-backs

Packages in this list:
- source upload >= 7 days ago
- no RC bugs in the package
- I cannot exclude the possibility that it might now build

I will do further actions (often filing RC bugs) on packages that 
still fail when retrying.

gb rcpp_0.12.9-1 . mips64el
gb qevercloud_3.0.3+ds-2 . mips64el
gb node-expat_2.3.15-3 . mipsel mips64el
gb openvswitch_2.6.2~pre+git20161223-3 . armel
gb influxdb_1.1.1+dfsg1-2 . i386
gb ldc_1:1.1.0+b6-2 . ppc64el



       "Is there not promise of rain?" Ling Tan asked suddenly out
        of the darkness. There had been need of rain for many days.
       "Only a promise," Lao Er said.
                                       Pearl S. Buck - Dragon Seed

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