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please give back libtemplates-parser dh-ada-library in experimental and adacontrol in unstable


I have uploaded libtemplates-parser to experimental in order to check
the updated gprbuild/2016-1 compiler driver.
On some architectures, gprbuild/2016-1 was not available yet, and
gprbuild/2015-5 from unstable was successfully used instead.
On arm64 armel armhf mips mipsel powerpc ppc64el s390x hppa ppc64
sparc64, gprbuild/2016-1 was available in experimental but caused many
gprbuild/2016-2 should now fix this issue in experimental.

Please trigger a new build attempt with

gb libtemplates-parser_11.10-5 . arm64 armel armhf mips mipsel powerpc ppc64el s390x hppa ppc64 sparc64 . experimental

or better

gb libtemplates-parser_11.10-5 . ANY . experimental

so that the fix is validaded on each architecture.

The same problem affects dh-ada-library on two architectures.

gb dh-ada-library_6.9 . hppa ppc64 . experimental

Please also trigger a new build attempt for adacontrol in unstable, in
order to see whether #833026 can be closed. The first and only build
attempt does not show any error message, and the package builds on a

gb adacontrol_1.17r3.1-4 . kfreebsd-i386


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