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Requesto to help in haskell transition

(resending with the right wanna build address)

Hi Debian Wanna Build Team,

I'm forwarding a request to become a backup and help for Joachim Breitner in
haskell transitions

As you can see below (the original email is in debian-haskell list), I would like to
assist/help him whenever possible, to help ghc libraries reach testing in the permanent

FWIW I just started doing the transition in Ubuntu some days ago.



Il Mercoledì 10 Agosto 2016 18:01, Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> ha scritto:

Am Montag, den 08.08.2016, 15:01 +0000 schrieb Gianfranco Costamagna:
> I'm doing right now (since few days) the rebuilds in Ubuntu, so far things are
> going well, even if a lot of stuff is entangled here (and I can't NMU one single architecture).
> I'm interested in being a backup of your work, since I'm becoming (slowly) familiar with
> haskell and the wb infrastructure.
> of course I would appreciate if somebody with more skills can help you ;)

sure, why not. Why don’t you write to wb-team@lists.debian.org and ask
if you could be given the same permissions as me. Point out that you
are doing rebuilds on the Ubuntu side, to certify your authority on
these matters :-)


Joachim “nomeata” Breitner
Debian Developer
  nomeata@debian.org • https://people.debian.org/~nomeata
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