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Please give back on kfreebsd-amd64

Dear wanna-build maintainers,

Please also would you give back:

gb cmake_3.4.1-2 . kfreebsd-amd64
gb cmake_3.4.1-2 . kfreebsd-i386

since I can't reproduce the FTBFS seen there, but it may FTFBS for a new
reason now.  Many of its build-deps were updated on kfreebsd the past
few days.  Also:

gb gmsh_2.10.1+dfsg1-1 . kfreebsd-amd64
gb gmsh_2.10.1+dfsg1-1 . kfreebsd-i386

since we now have OpenJDK as default Java.  And:

gb python-scipy_0.16.1-1 . kfreebsd-i386

since that was a transient buildd problem.

Thanks again!
Steven Chamberlain

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