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Please give back some packages on kfreebsd

Dear wanna-build team,

Please give back monit for rebuild on kfreebsd-*, as the cause of the
failure should be fixed now in kfreebsd-kernel-headers/10.1~8, and the
buildd chroots should now all have that version installed:

gb monit_1:5.15-3 . kfreebsd-amd64
gb monit_1:5.15-3 . kfreebsd-i386

Also while here:

gb gnome-clocks_3.18.0-1 . kfreebsd-amd64

because the last build failed due to a transient buildd problem.  Giving
it back will return it to BD-Uninstallable state waiting on glib2.0, as
it is on kfreebsd-i386.

Thank you!
Steven Chamberlain

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