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concerns about the state of buildds for jessie


DSA is concerned about the current state of our buildd's readyness for jessie.

The Debian buildd network uses a fork of the buildd and sbuild packages instead
of the packages we ship in the archive.  The reasons why we are still doing
that are not entirely clear, but that's the status quo.

These packages, maintained by the builddadm team are shipped via
buildd.debian.org.  Currently, they don't install cleanly and out of the box on
jessie systems.

DSA has been wanting to move more of our buildd systems to jessie since late
last year, but the fact that the tools we need do not work cleanly there yet
prevents that.

It seems the buildd team is severely understaffed and needs help.

Possible avenues include updating the forks and working on making the forks no
longer necessary.

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