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Handling security in a unofficial kFreeBSD release


We are evaluation options for an unofficial kFreeBSD release alongside
jessie. I'm rather worried about security updates there. My Idea so far
is to keep the security wanna-build trigger active so packages in
security still get built automatically for the unofficial kfreebsd
release also. We could probably ship the resulting packages elswhere and
just read from you. However I see two issues that would need some

 + I think embargoed stuff gets build in the security suite and you have
   some extra ways to hide it untill it should be published.
 + For things to be accepted into a hypothetical jessie-kfreebsd suite
   we would need corresponding source which is not present

For the second point I guess we bsd people can figure something out. The
other I don't really know .. maybe we can trigger once the
stable-security thing becomes public and building then? Other Ideas?


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