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Re: runit not buildable, only build-dependency is arch qualified

+++ Steve Langasek [2014-07-31 16:46 -0700]:
> On Fri, Aug 01, 2014 at 12:23:38AM +0100, peter green wrote:
> > Debian autobuilders are currently refusing to build runit on many
> > architectures (both official and unofficial) with the following
> > message[1][2]
> > runit build-depends on missing:
> > - empty-dependency-after-parsing

> > So I decided to try a manual build on armhf (one of the affected
> > architectures ). The package built successfully. Furthermore I don't see
> > anything in policy that would forbid a package's only build dependency.
> > Therefore IMO anything that fails to handle this case correctly is buggy. Do
> > other people agree?
> Technically correct.  OTOH, an empty build-dependency field means the
> package is not using debhelper for its build, but instead has some grotesque
> by-hand debian/rules file.  So this error will only ever affect packages
> that are not using modern best-practice packaging. 

There are at least a couple of packages in the archive which have no
build-deps at all (and thus are the first ones built on a new
arch). dhcping was one but I added autotools-dev to get its autofoo up
to date. Clearly things that can't cope with this state are buggy.

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