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About wanna-build usage

  I am setting up the Autobuilder infrastructure to compile
Debian packages from sources, I have followed the steps in
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianWannaBuildInfrastructureOnOneServer and
and it seems to go fine during the installation, however, i cannot find
any manuals to guide how to use/test this infrastructure, my goal is to
recompile the Debian Wheezy sources, i am wondering how to do next,
any help is appreciated

BTW. i tried 'triggers/trigger.local' by following the wiki page,
the output is as follows, however, it seems no package is building,
and buildd did not work at all
wbadm@computer:/srv/wanna-build/triggers$ ./trigger.local
Tue Mar  4 16:15:28 CST 2014: Running trigger for local ...
Tue Mar  4 16:15:28 CST 2014: Processing local/sid ...
wanna-build 29c8f99c9ec0e3bc24f9bf5db1dd5e690cb6a34c for sid on amd64 - -v#--Pas#/srv/buildd.debian.org/web/quinn-diff//Packages-arch-specific#--mergev3#-A#amd64#--dist=sid#Packages.sid.%ARCH%#.#Sources.sid#.
Tue Mar  4 16:15:29 CST 2014: local/sid done

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