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Re: Disabling experimental on kfreebsd buildds untill #732937 is fixed

Hi Robert!

Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org> writes:
> On 08/02/2014 15:20, Christoph Egger wrote:
>> Hi all!
>>   I had downgraded apt in the buildd chroots due to #732937. However
>> this makes aptitude uninstallable:
>>> The following packages have unmet dependencies:
>>>  aptitude : Depends: libapt-pkg4.12 (>= 0.9.11) but is to be installed
>>> E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
>>> apt-get failed.
>> Which means I'll have to disable experimental for now (or maybe install
>> an old aptitude in the chroot, I'll look at that later)
> There's a simple workaround (this was found by Michael Vogt):
> echo "Dpkg::Use-Pty False;" > /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/workaround

Thanks for the hint! I've done that now and it seems to work. It also
unbreaks experimenta, d-i builds and potentially other stuff.



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