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KDE 4.10 givebacks


during the current transition to KDE 4.10, there were few failures which 
are worth givebacks (as looking like transient failures):

* kdepimlibs/ia64
ld failed with an assertion:
gb kdepimlibs_4:4.10.5-1 . ia64

* meinproc4 segfaults on mipsel
it seems like on some builds (all done on rem) meinproc4 crashed; all 
the other buildds did not show any issue, and even other builds on rem 
were okay:
gb blinken_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kanagram_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kbruch_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kcalc_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kgamma_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kgeography_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kmplot_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kolourpaint_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kstars_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb ktimer_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb kwallet_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel
gb rocs_4:4.10.5-1 . mipsel

* kdepim/sparc
the build died because of an ICE:
gb kdepim_4:4.10.5-1 . sparc

Pino Toscano

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