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Re: libphobos-dev build-dep

On 05-07-13 21:33, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Hello,
> It seems you have uploaded a dozen packages with the libphobos-dev
> build-dependency:
> mu-cade ii-esu gunroar a7xpg val-and-rick tumiki-fighters torus-trooper
> titanion tatan projectl parsec47
> This can not work: buildds are not able to pick up a correct package
> providing libphobos-dev by themselves, you have to specify:
> libphobos-4.8-dev | libphobos-dev
> so that buildds can pick up the first alternative.
> Samuel
Yeah, it works in a weird way. Let me explain.

These packages are implemented in the D language and require gdc, the D
compiler, and libphobos, the D standard library. Unlike gcc/glibc, a
particular version of the gdc requires a matching version of libphobos.
And the D support is currently in an awkward stage where gdc is built
for all platforms, but libphobos only works on i386 and amd64. The gdc
package will depend on an appropriate version of libphobos-dev if and
only if such a version is available.

In my build-dependencies I specify 'gdc, libphobos-dev'. gdc will pull
in gdc-4.8, which will in turn pull in libphobos-4.8-dev if it exists on
the build architecture, which will satisfy my libphobos-dev build-dep.

A build dependency of 'libphobos-4.8-dev | libphobos-dev' wouldn't be
right I think. Suppose the default gdc is switched to gdc-4.9, in that
case libphobos-4.8-dev will be useless and libphobos-4.9-dev will be
needed to build.

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