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buildd path too long (postgresql-9.3 FTBFS)


with the upload of postgresql-9.3 to experimental, we've enabled much
more test suites in the package ("make check-world"). Unfortunately,
this means that the package will fail on buildds because it cannot
create the unix socket to connect to the temporary database cluster:


connection to database failed: Unix-domain socket path "/build/buildd-postgresql-9.3_9.3~beta1-1-i386-mHjRUH/postgresql-9.3-9.3~beta1/build/contrib/pg_upgrade/.s.PGSQL.50432" is too long (maximum 107 bytes)

This is an operating system limit (sizeof(struct sockaddr_un.sun_path),
see unix(7)), not a limitation of PostgreSQL.

Given that only 107 bytes are available for use, I think it is
excessive if the directory used by the buildds uses 77 of that (72%).

On the packaging side, we could easily replace "/build/" by "/b/", but
that saves only 4 bytes, while we'd need to save at least 11. Changing
the location to be somewhere else seems like an invasive change to the
upstream test system I'd rather like to avoid (pg_upgrade is a pretty
sophisticated program that should rather operated as designed).

Would it be possible to use something shorter as the build directory?
The second "buildd-" there seems to be redundant, and having the
package name there only once would also save quite some space.

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