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Re: wanna-build cron scripts

On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 03:45:03PM -0430, Javier E. Pérez P. wrote:
> Hi all,
> I got some questions about the cron scripts in the /etc/cron folder
> (wanna-build.git)
> // where is this file? is necesary? what does?
> 4  0 * * *       /org/buildd.debian.org/mbox/fix-up-permissions

This is to fix the permissions of the mbox files with mail send to
$arch@buildd.  I'm not sure why it always needs to be fixed.
You probably don't need it.

> // same as above.
> */15 * * * *	/org/buildd.debian.org/wbpy/run-mqueue

That processes the files send to logs@buildd.debian.org
I assume you also want to do something with the logs, so you'll
need that.

> // what does this scripts? where can i fetch it ? is estrictly necesary ?
> */5 * * * *	/home/aba/bin/mehdi-pull-push

This updates the /status/ script, so that if mehdi makes commits
the website gets updated.  Probably nothing you want to run like

> // This script have to the placed in the wbadm home path?
> 0 5 * * *	(cd ~wbadm/wanna-build/schema && ./update-schema.sh)

This makes sure that if we make changed to the database layout, it
also gets commited.  You probably don't need it.

The ~wbadm/wanna-build is basicly just a temporary place to write
the files and commit them.

> BTW: as commented in the irc channel, i'm working in a fork of the
> wanna-build.git repository, here
> https://github.com/dvst/wanna-build-canaima

It would be a good thing that we can split out things that is
generally useful for anybody, and those things that are specific
to us.  I guess we just don't have the time and need for it.


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