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introduce myself

Good day,

First of all, let me introduce myself briefly, my name is Javier
Pérez, i'm from Venezuela, and i'm member of the team Canaima[1] which
is a debian based distribution.

Right now, we are evaluating diferents engines to automate the build
process. we have try BUILDBOT, and now are focused on buildd.

By my side, i have read some docs from the wiki.d.o[2], making some
updates, and i'm willing to participate more actively in the project.
i'll be sending some questions/suggestion to this list (or please
point me to the right list/channel) so we can make more profit.

Thanks beforehand.

[1] http://canaima.softwarelibre.gob.ve/
[2a] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWannaBuildInfrastructureOnOneServer
[2b] http://wiki.debian.org/SetupBuildServiceForWanna-build
[2c] http://wiki.debian.org/sbuild

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