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Re: Please binNMU libwx-scintilla-perl and libalien-wxwidgets-perl against multiarched libwxgtk2.8

Le Tuesday 20 December 2011 20:54:14, vous avez écrit :
> > The new package libwx-scintilla-perl is currently FTBS. To fix this, I
> > need a new libwxgtk2.8-dev built for multiarch on amd64  (other arch are
> > already multiarch).
> Then maybe you need to build-depend on it?

No need to: libwx-scintilla-perl build-depends on libalien-wxwidgets-perl 
which depends on libwxgtk2.8-dev.

There's no simple way to short-circuit libalien-wxwidgets-perl.

> > Then libalien-wxwidgets-perl needs to be re-built, because it contains
> > the path of the include file used by libwx-scintilla-perl.
> That sounds broken.  Why does it do that?

This is a solution created upstream to help installing Perl modules with 
native libraries dependencies on systems supported by Perl: not only all 
Linux distros, but *BSD, most unices and Windows. 

In summary, an Alien::* module is designed to ensure that all  librairies 
are available for build or usage. Such Alien::* module can be used for 
several Perl modules.

For details, see http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?Alien

Currrently the FTBS is not due directly to Alien::WxWidgets, but to 
hiccups in the multi-arch transition. (The fact that uploaded binary 
packages are not rebuilt does not help: uploader's and buildd's build 
env are often slightly different)

Could you please apply the wanna-build request ?

dw libalien-wxwidgets-perl . amd64             . -m"libwxgtk2.8-dev (>="
gb libalien-wxwidgets-perl . ALL -amd64        . -m"rebuilt to take libwxgtk2.8 multiarch into account"
dw libwx-scintilla-perl    . ALL -armhf -s390x . -m"libalien-wxwidgets-perl (>=  0.53+dfsg-1+b2)"
dw libwx-scintilla-perl    . armhf s390x       . -m"libalien-wxwidgets-perl (>=  0.53+dfsg-1+b1)"

All the best

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