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Re: Request for binNMU globus-gsi-callback on s390

lör 2011-03-19 klockan 19:59 +0100 skrev Mattias Ellert:
> > > Other builds that have tried to use this broken version of
> > > globus-gsi-callback on s390 as a build dependency have failed:
> > > globus-gass-copy, globus-gram-job-manager and globus-gssapi-gsi.
> > 
> > Please let us know if you want us to retry those.
> Not quite yet, the first dependencies should be fixed first.
> > Kurt

Now, that the binNMU for globus-gsi-callback on s390 is uploaded and
installed the time has come to give back the builds that broke because
of it. So please give back globus-gass-copy, globus-gram-job-manager and
globus-gssapi-gsi on s390.


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