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Re: qt4-x11 FTBFSes on s390 and mipsel


On sekmadienis 30 Gegužė 2010 23:42:38 Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Modestas Vainius (modestas@vainius.eu) [100530 22:40]:
> > And failed. BTW, it is interesting that monteverdi.ayous.org managed to
> > build qt4-x11/experimental 4.7.0~beta1-1 without too much trouble...
> monteverdi was the second buildd that tried it for unstable (the same
> buildds build unstable and experimental these days).
> I'll consider a bit how to continue - failing on 3 of 4 buildds (and
> number 3 and 4 are equal) shouldn't happen.

I can only suggest replacing debian/patches/96_webkit_no_gc_sections.diff with 
the attached new version of the patch (disables --gc-sections on mips as well) 
and rebuilding the resulting qt4-x11 on one of the buildds which failed 
previously. I don't know if this will really help but I believe it's worth a 

I think qt4-x11 is too huge to do this rather blind test as a proper upload to 

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>
Description: Don't link QtWebkit with --gc-sections on powerpc and s390
 This works around a binutils bug that results in a segfault on powerpc,
 an internal link error on s390, and OOM condition on mipsel.
Author: Steve Langasek <steve.langasek@ubuntu.com>
Author: Modestas Vainius <modax@debian.org>
Origin: vendor
Forwarded: no
Last-Update: 2010-05-31 (mipsel added)

--- a/src/3rdparty/webkit/WebCore/WebCore.pro
+++ b/src/3rdparty/webkit/WebCore/WebCore.pro
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ unix {
 unix:!mac:*-g++*:QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections 
-unix:!mac:*-g++*:QMAKE_LFLAGS += -Wl,--gc-sections
+unix:!mac:*-g++*:!equals(QT_ARCH, powerpc):!equals(QT_ARCH, s390):!equals(QT_ARCH, mips):QMAKE_LFLAGS += -Wl,--gc-sections
 CONFIG(release):!CONFIG(standalone_package) {

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