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Re: Bug#575275: nmu: haskell-hstringtemplate_0.6.2-2


Am Montag, den 19.04.2010, 17:08 +0200 schrieb Giovanni Mascellani:
> Iain Lane ha scritto:
> > Looks like the binNMU was built but not uploaded to the archive. I
> > pinged the buildd admin about it.
> Checking the log I found that the build used the updated version of
> libgh6-text-dev and libgh6-text-prof, but the old one for
> libghc6-text-doc. Don't know why.
> Probably the NMU should be reissued. Do you have any advices on why the
> libghc6-text-* versions were out-of-sync?

no idea, but this is best discussed with debian-wb-team, thus CCing

The relevant build log is

Under what conditions can a package be built against newer arch any
packages then arch all packages from the same source? I always thought
it to be safe to assume that when an arch dependent binary package is
available, then corresponding arch indep packages will be up to date.

(Nevertheless, I doubt that in this particular case it has an effect on
the build result. The build should just be uploaded, as Iain said.)


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