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wb-changes: build time, multiple dists for list, pre-defined formats, per-user defaults


for those not reading git logs or poweridling on IRC, some changes to
wanna-build that happened recently are:

    allow multiple distributions for list (including any, any-priv, any-unpriv)

This means e.g. one could run:

wanna-build -A ia64 -d any --list=building

(any means all suites, any-priv means use priviliged access,
any-unpriv means use unpriviliged access; any currently is the same as
any-unpriv, but will be switched to use priviliged if available, and
unpriviliged otherwise)

This works only with list, but with none of the other suites.

What also works is:

wanna-build -A ia64 -d stable,testing,stable-security,testing-security

Please note that the default format doesn't show distribution, so you
should probably include some custom format options for that.

    add format options for last build time and last successful build time

format options are %o, %q, %r for last successful, last any, maximum
of last (any, successful) (or uppercase for formated, i.e. hh:mm:ss

    use ~/.wanna-build.yaml if it exists

This allows one to change (default) options permanently. Especially
useful for the next one:

    implement pre-defined list formats

So I could run
bin/wanna-build -A mipsel --list=needs-build --own-format time
and see the build times from above. My ~/.wanna-build.yaml currently
        default: "%p_%V %d %u %X # %t"
        all: "%S %p_%V %d %u %X # %t"
    time: "%d %S %R (%O %Q) %p_%V %u %X"

So far for now.


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