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Bug#560058: [buildd-tools-devel] Bug#560058: quinn-diff: should support architecture wildcards


On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 02:46:10AM -0500, Andres Mejia wrote:
> The Dpkg::Arch function debarch_is() takes the first parameter as the 
> architecture and the second parameter as the alias (wildcard). So using an 
> alias of "any" will always match true, regardless of what architecture is set, 
> such as "s390". Also, trying to match "any" against "linux-any" will fail via 
> debarch_is(), since it won't recognize "linux-any" as an architecture. This is 
> the behavior you should expect.
> By the way, I'm attaching a patch against the dpkg-perl branch that fixes the 
> ordering of the parameters to debarch_is(). I've also optimized the 
> arch_equivalent() function when use_equivalence is set to true. Now all 
> aliases of "any" and "all" return true and skip running the Perl code 
> entirely. Setting the alias to "any" would always return true from 
> debarch_is() anyway, and debarch_is() doesn't recognize "all" as an alias, 
> though "all" should always return true as well.

sadly I didn't have much time yet to think it through, but I should share
my comments: I'm not entirely happy with the current state as the
signature suggests that architectures could be passed into this function
in an arbitrary order.  Could you update the signature and add some
comment outlining how it works?

As I understood it the order of the equivalence is currently inverse to
what debarch_is expects (i.e. element out of list, current arch/any/all
instead of current/any/all, alias/wildcard).  Now if I check this:
is_equivalent("linux-any", "any") then linux-any is an element in the
architecture list and this should yield true.  I guess that your patch
now does this?  (I found the first paragraph a bit hard to understand.)

is_equivalent("linux-any", "all") should also yield true as you state.
However is_equivalent("amd64", "all") should of course yield false.
So I'm not exactly sure (yet) how you see that all should always yield
true.  :)

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern
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