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[p-a-s/sid] Merge all Linux specific packages in the same section.

Signed-off-by: Kurt Roeckx <kurt@roeckx.be>
 Packages-arch-specific |    6 +++---
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Packages-arch-specific b/Packages-arch-specific
index 0d7eb90..d210802 100644
--- a/Packages-arch-specific
+++ b/Packages-arch-specific
@@ -41,7 +41,6 @@ atitvout: i386							      # i386 specific
 autorun4linuxcd: i386 amd64					      # MS Windows specific
 %avrprog: amd64 i386 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386	      # inb/outb (ab)use
 %baycomepp: i386 alpha amd64					      # [ANAIS]
-%bidentd: !hurd-i386 !kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64          # Linux specific
 bluez-pcmcia-support: !s390					      # [ANAIS] depends: pcmcia-cs
 bmconf: amd64 i386 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386             # i386 boot loader
 %brdesktop-flavours: amd64 i386 powerpc				      # limited BrDesktop architectures
@@ -184,7 +183,6 @@ lilo-installer: i386 amd64 lpia					      # only useful if you have lilo
 %linux-modules-di-s390-2.6: s390
 %linux-modules-di-sparc-2.6: sparc
 %linux-wlan-ng: amd64 i386 powerpc arm armel alpha hppa lpia	      # ANAIS [?]
-%linuxtv-dvb-apps: !hurd-i386 !kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64          # Linux specific
 lirc-svga: i386							      # ANAIS, #267323
 %lisaac: !alpha !amd64 !ia64 !kfreebsd-amd64                          # no 64-bit support
 lkl: i386 kfreebsd-i386						      # i386 kb hardware specific
@@ -303,7 +301,6 @@ quik: powerpc							      # powerpc boot loader
 quik-installer: powerpc						      # powerpc boot loader
 %ree: i386 ia64 amd64 hurd-i386 kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64          # i386 specific
 %refit: i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64                                     # EFI bootloader
-%readahead-fedora: !hurd-i386 !kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64          # Linux specific
 replicator: i386						      # i386 specific
 retty: i386                                     		      # [ANAIS] i386 assembly
 rio: i386 alpha							      # inb/outb (ab)use for port manipulation
@@ -574,8 +571,10 @@ quantlib-ruby: !m68k
 %autofs: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
 %autofs5: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
 %alsa-lib: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
+%bidentd: !kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64 !hurd-i386
 %ccstools: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
 %checkpolicy: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
+%readahead-fedora: !hurd-i386 !kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64 !hurd-i386
 %fswebcam: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386    # v4l
 %libcap-ng: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
 %klibc: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
@@ -586,6 +585,7 @@ quantlib-ruby: !m68k
 %linux-2.6: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
 %linux-modules-contrib-2.6: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
 %linux-latest-2.6: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
+%linuxtv-dvb-apps: !kfreebsd-i386 !kfreebsd-amd64 !hurd-i386
 %lldpd: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
 %module-init-tools: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386
 %mdadm: !kfreebsd-amd64 !kfreebsd-i386 !hurd-i386

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