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Re: A few give-backs on s390

Luk Claes wrote:
> Michael Biebl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> seems a few packages of mine have been stuck in state building on s390 since a
>> few days so I guess it's time to give them back:
>> devicekit-power 014-2 (building since 5 days)
> given back

Thanks a lot, Luk.

Unfortunately, due to some bad timing and the upload of gtk-doc-tools 0.13-1,
the build of devicekit-power_0.14-2 failed on s390. [1]

Thanks to some quick action by gtk-doc upstream and pochu, a fixed package has
been uploaded so I'd like to ask for another give back of
devicekit-power 0.14-2 with a dep wait on gtk-doc-tools 1.13-2


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